Tuzamurane Giheka Group

Clementine is 30 years old and is married with children. Due to her experience and background, she was nominated as the group leader for Tuzamurane Giheka. Clementine is the person who is raising her hand on the picture.

Clementine has owned and operated a general retail business for the past 3 years. Like many of those in the group, her business is well organized and requires that she work from 6am to 5pm every day. Despite the long days, Clementine is determined to operate a successful business in order to provide a better life for her family.

Clementine has requested a loan from Kiva through VisionFund Rwanda in order to buy inventory like: soap, sugar, juice, tea, oil etc. With the profits from this loan, she will be able to reinvest in her business, pay school fees for her children, and save for her future.