Ma Yan (E) Village Group

Khin, Myint, San and Soe are loan clients from Ma Yan (E) Village Group. They are from Kungyangone, a township located in the delta region of Myanmar. Soe (first from the left) is the featured borrower and she leads the loan program for the group in the area.

Soe, a 37-year-old woman, grows rice and betel leaves on her 2-acre farm. Her finances were often in the red with only this risky business. However, she started duck farming nine years ago, and ever since then, her finances have become more stable. Currently, she raises 110 ducks and she is able to collect and sell around 2,100 eggs every month.

With this new loan, she will buy more ducks in order to expand her duck farm. Soe is very excited to receive loan from Kiva and be able to finance additional investments for her small farm.