Kha Lauk Ta Yar (D) Village Group

There are five loan clients in Kha Lauk Ta Yar (D) loan group: Khin, Ha, Win, Tin, and Myint. They are from Kungyangon, a township located in the delta region of Myanmar. Most villagers in Kha Lauk Ta Yar are farmers who plant seasonal food such as coconuts and bananas. For additional income, they also raise pigs and chickens.

Khin (first from the left) is 44 years old, married, and lives with her husband and four sons. Her family grows bananas and raises ducks. In addition to household chores, Khin is responsible for looking after their 60 ducks. This Kiva loan will allow Khin to purchase a large amount of feed for both current and future uses. High-quality feeds will help boost egg production, which will result in increased income for Khin's family.

Like Khin, some members from this loan group plans on purchasing high-quality feeds. Others plan on purchasing more ducks or ducklings to expand their farm size.